Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dressy Pants Suit Where Can I Find A Nice Pant Suit For My Mom To Wear On My Wedding Day?

Where can I find a nice pant suit for my mom to wear on my wedding day? - dressy pants suit

My mother asked me if I had a pantsuit instead of a benefit for my wedding dress the other day. That's perfectly fine with me, because I know that my mother more feel comfortable in her pants suit with a dress would. But now I can not find, suits, trousers are quite nice for a wedding. Does anyone know of designers who make dresses pants enough for weddings? Or see Web sites that I get some? I have searched but not had the chance until now.


stacijo5... said...

David's Bridal has some great costumes designed for mothers of the bride who does not wear clothes designed. Check http://www.davidsbridal.com

NY has spoken said...

I like Macy's

Deperu said...

Www.maryannscorner.com Time

nice selection and good prices

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